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                     LocateIPs             . Using the Visual Route demo servers, you can locate any IP address that you find in your logs, or are curious about on a world map.  Locate Users with Visual RouteThe Geobytes IP Locator tool plots the location of IP addresses very accurately on city maps. Geobytes IP locator. 

               WinVNC              VNC is a remote access program that allows you to use a java enabled web browser to access a windows desktop and   control the system as if you were there.   Download and learn about WinVNC

Network Ownership and Research
Using Whois.sc you can do numerous types of domain look-ups and perform domain tracking.  Site usage is free after registration. Whois.  Using Netcraft.com you can reseach OS types, server types, and uptime.  Netcraft. Central Ops provides several online research utilities.  Using Network-tools.com you can locate network admins, identify site and netblock owners, perform digs and many other network related research functions.  Network-Tools
WSFTP Free FTP Client
WSFTP is a free FTP client that can be used to upload or download files from almost any FTP server you have access too.  WSFTP FTP Client Download
Zone Alarm Firewall
Zone Alarm is a free for personal use firewall you can install on your PC to help protect yourself from hackers.  Zone Alarm
Browse Anonymously
A one-stop start page to many different free web proxy servers. They will allow you to filter scripts and cookies as well as hide  your IP address.  Web Proxies
Putty Telnet Client
 Putty is small free telnet and SSH client.  Putty
 Netstumbler is a free program that scans for wireless networks using your wireless network card. Help files are available at: Netstumbler Info.   Netstumbler can be downloaded here:  Net Stumbler
AirSnare is a free program that monitors your wireless network for intuders.  It alerts you when unwanted MAC addresses are detected.  AirSnare
Domain Detective 
Domain Detective is a very useful Windows 2000 domain security, groups, and polices reporting tool.  Get more information here:  Domain Detective Info.   Domain Detective is free after registering for the download here:  Domain Detective.
GFI System Integrity Checker 
GFI SIM is a free system integrity monitor for Windows 2000 and XP.  Once loaded, it scans your system to detect changes in the files you configure it to monitor.  Get more information and download the free software here:  GFI Languard.  
GFI DNSBL For Microsoft SMTP Servers 
GFI Mail Essentials 8 is a demo spam blocking product with one important feature that does not expire--A Window's DNSBL.  The free unlimited DNS black list checker compares incoming mail to one of several DNSBLs.  Mail from known spammer IPs is then dealt with according to rules you supply.   The product is made to work directly on Exchange, or with Microsoft Windows SMTP server used as a proxy relaying mail to any other brand of mail server.  However, I have installed this directly on production Microsoft SMTP servers to check incoming mail without using Exchange or a mail proxy server.  Get more information and download the free software here:  GFI Mail Essentials.  
GFI Mail Security For Microsoft SMTP Servers 
GFI Mail Security's demo has a Bit Defender virus scanner for your Microsoft SMTP service that does not expire.  It is a great way to scan incoming mail to your server for virus infections.   This product is made to integrate with Exchange or to be used on another Microsoft SMTP server being used as proxy relaying mail to any other brand of mail server.  However, I have installed the gateway version of this product directly on production Microsoft SMTP servers to check incoming mail without using Exchange or a mail proxy server.  Get more information and download the free software here:  GFI Mail Security.       
Server Vulnerabilities 
Check to see if your mail server is vulnerable to several security issues with this automated self-test.  WindowsSecurity.com Email Security Testing Zone.  Use the following link to run a series of general automated exploit tests on your network or server.  PCFlank Exploits Test.      
Web Matrix Site Editor 
Web Matrix is a WYSIWYG web editor that simplifies HTML and ASP site creation.  It comes with both drag and drop and direct code editing capabilities.  Many features and templates included.  Web Matrix. 
Microsoft MBSA 
MBSA (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer) is a free Microsoft product that can scan one computer, or a whole network for security hotspots and missing software patches.  MBSA.  
AD-Aware standard addition is a free program which detects and cleans spy-ware and ad-ware on your computer.  Ad-Aware.  
Spybot Search&Destroy 
ASpybot Search&Destroy is another free program which detects and cleans spy-ware and ad-ware on your computer.  Spybot Search&Destroy. 
SI Meter 
Si Meter is a free application which will monitor network, hard drive, CPU, processes, and memory in realtime.  A small stackable display meter places the information on your desktop.  This program is capable of monitoring multiple NICs.   Si Meter. 
Systernals Filemon 
Filemon is a Windows utility that displays system file activity in realtime on your desktop.  Filemon.
Systernals AccessEnum 
AccessEnum is a Windows utility that reports who has access to what files on a system.  AccessEnum is a great file auditing tool that fills a gap in the Windows operating system for security minded admins.  AccessEnum.  
Dead System Drive Access 
Systernals provides two ways to access data off of unbootable drives.  These tools use both client and host software.  The read only versions of these tools are free.  The pay version allows you to perform remote disk troubleshooting as well.  For access across a LAN use Remote Recover.  For access via serial ports use NTRecover.      
SolarWinds TFTP Server 
"This TFTP Server is commonly used to upload/download executable images and  configurations to routers, switches, hubs, XTerminals, etc. The TFTP Server form SolarWinds will run on any Microsoft Operating System including Windows 95, 98, NT, ME and even Windows XP." --SolarWinds.  SolarWinds TFTP Server.       
Systernals ShareEnum 
Systernal ShareEnum scans all computers, within domains accessable to it, for file and print shares.  It then displays these shares and their security settings.  Best used from a domain administrator account for maximum information.  ShareEnum.      
xSharez Scanner 
xSharez Scanner scans for shared printers and files within a range of IP addresses you specify.  The free demo version will only scan 255 systems at a time.  xSharez is good tool for locating improperly shared folders on your network.  xSharez Scanner.  
Microsoft EventComb 
Microsoft EventComb is a graphical event log reader which will scan multiple machine logs for events you specify.  The tool is part of the security scripts download available here:  EventComb      
Network Notepad 
"Network Notepad is a program for creating interactive network diagrams with user definable management features such as point and click telnet." --Network Notepad Homepage.  Network Notepad.         
Windows Scripting
Microsoft's source for scripting information, free scripts, and the script-o-matic tool.  Microsoft Script Center.       
"MAKEMSI is a freeware tool which allows you to build MSIs (or other Windows Installer databases) from scratch within minutes/hours.  Subsequent rebuilds take minutes and require no MSI skills (in general)." -- MAKEMSI Webpage.   MAKEMSI.      
Snort IDS For Windows 
Snort is an open source network intrusion detection system.  For Windows functionality, you will want to install the two required files; the latest version of Winpcap, and the Windows Snort Binary.  For maximum Windows functionality , you will also want to install IDS Center from Engage security to use as your Snort GUI.  A Snort installation tutorial has been provided by Network Decisions here.     
SwatIt Trojan Removal 
SwatIt is a free trojan detection and removal program for personal use.  Manual trojan signature updates are also free.  SwatIt     
Online Port Scans 
Verify the integrity of your firewall, and see which ports you are leaving open with an online port scan.  Broadband Reports Online ScannerPCFlank Online Scanner.         
Boot Disks 
Create boot disks for various OS's using the executables available at www.bootdisk.com.         
Belarc Advisor 
The Belarc Advisor audits your PC for all software and hotfixes installed.  Belarc Advisor.         
AD Object Restore 
"Quest Object Restore for Active Directory is a utility that empowers Active Directory administrators to rapidly recover deleted Active Directory objects." --Quest website. Object Restore 

Ethereal Packet Sniffer                                            A packet sniffer is a piece of software that analyzes all the raw data that enters and leaves your computer/server. As a webmaster running your own server, it can be a great tool to analyze  "suspect" activity. Ethereal will only record data on the computer it is installed on. First download and install WinPcap. This program is the brains behind many sniffers and is required to run Ethereal:   Winpcap. Then Download and install Ethereal:   Ethereal . 

. If you require instructions, see the help files on the website: Ethereal Help Files . To start monitoring after installation click "Capture" on the top menu and then choose "start" from the drop down. In the box that opens, click the square next to "capture packets in real time". Then click "ok" at the bottom. The program will be monitoring in real time and display packets on your screen. To stop monitoring you must choose stop from the small floating window that appears when monitoring starts.   

Micronet Utilities   Micronet Utilities is a suite of network utilities presented with a graphical interface. With it you can monitor all ports and connections to your computer, ping, trace route and research email.  Download Micronet Utilities  

 Free Online Virus Scanners
 Get a free virus scan at any time from Trend Micro.
Free Trend Micro Online Virus Scan.  Panda Software offers a free online virus scan.  Panda Software Online Virus Scan.  Bit Defender also offers a free online virus scan.  Free Bit Defender Online Virus Scan. 
          Free Virus Removal Tools
 Free tools that automate the removal of virus infections on your system. Includes Nimda, Bugbear and Code Red tools.  Microsoft Malware Removal Tools.  Symantec Free Virus Removal Tools.  Panda Software Free Virus Removal ToolsBit Defender Free Virus Removal Tools  
 The free trial version of Anti-Keylogger detects keystroke monitoring programs running on the system it is installed on.  Get information on the program here:  Anti-Keylogger Page  Download the software here:  Anti-Keylogger
Vision is a Windows program which maps all of your open ports to their owning executables.   The program is free after registration at Foundstone.  Download Vision here:  Vision. 
Top 75 Security Tools 
 This is a list of the top 75 network security tools as compiled by insecure.org.  The list contains links to downloads.  Top 75 security tools.
Security Vulnerabilities 
Following are links to running lists of security vulnerabilities for most major brands of software and hardware.  Security Focus Vulnerabilities.    Secunia Vulnerabilites List.  LWN Multiple Vendor Linux Security Vulnerabilities.  Winguide Microsoft Vulnerabilities.       
Mail Server Open Relay Check 
Check to see if your mail server is an open relay by sending a test mail using the following link.  This open relay check will try several spammer tricks to get your server to relay.  Remember to send to an email address not hosted on the server you are testing.  Open Relay Check.  
Urlscan is a free microsoft product that can be installed on your IIS webserver.  Through the use of the config file named Urlscan.ini, administrators can tell webservers to ignore requests that could pose security problems.  Microsoft Urlscan.    
Microsoft Web Stress Tool 
Microsoft's web stress testing tool can be used to test your site's ability to handle incoming requests.  It simulates as heavy usage as you need it to, and reports the results.   Web Stress Testing.    
Create and unpack Zip files with this internet favorite compression utility.  WinZip.   
Analog-X Netstat Live 
Analog-X Netstat live is real time graphical network activity monitor.  It monitors one NIC per instance and places the output on your desktop.  Multiple instances can be loaded to monitor several NICs at the same time.  Analog-X Netstat Live.     
    SQL and MSDE Editors/Administration 
Microsoft Web Data Administrator installs as virtual directory off of your website.  It allows editing of SQL databases through a web based interface.  The Webmatrix ASP.NET editor listed on this page also has the ability to create or edit Microsoft databases as a feature.  The ASP Enterprise Manager is an ASP.NET web tool for administration of Microsoft SQL and MSDE servers that mimics the Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager snap-in.  The MSDE Query tool is tool that allows you to query an MSDE server.  The DBAMGR2K is a very good stand alone replacement for the Microsoft Enterprise Manager that works with the MSDE engine.  The MSDE TinyAdmin is a standalone graphical MSDE administration tool. 
Systernals PageDefrag 
PageDefrag is a Windows utility that defrags your pagefile and registry hives.   PageDefrag.
Systernals BgInfo 
BgInfo is a Windows utility that dynamically displays system info on the wallpaper of a desktop at startup.  The display is a fully customizable quick reference for users, admins, and tech service personnel.  BgInfo.   
UserManagemeNT Lite 
"UserManagemeNT Lite allows an NT/2000 system administrator to create a new NT user in seconds, including home directory & share, group memberships and Exchange mailbox." --Advanced Toolware.  UserManagemeNT Lite.    
Cisco ConfigMaker 
"Cisco ConfigMaker is an easy-to-use Microsoft Windows application to configure a small network of Cisco routers (800, 1000, 1600, 1700,2500, 2600, 3600 and 4000 series), switches, hubs and other network devices from a single PC without requiring knowledge of IOS. It assists you in configuring IPSec, IOS Firewall, voice, NAT (NetworkAddress Translation), CAR (Committed Access Rate), DHCP and other IOS features. Cisco ConfigMaker is designed for resellers and network administrators of small to medium-sized businesses who are proficient in LAN and WAN fundamentals and basic network design." --Cisco Website.   ConfigMaker.     
IIS Lockdown Tool 
Microsoft IIS Lockdown tool is used to secure IIS webservers. "IIS Lockdown Wizard works by turning off unnecessary features thereby reducing attack surface available to attackers. To provide defense in depth, or multiple layers of protection against attackers, URLscan, with customized templates for each supported server role, has been integrated into the IIS Lockdown Wizard." --Microsoft Website.  Please carefully consider the potential complications that may occur when using this on a server that is not a dedicated webserver.  IIS Lockdown Tool.         
Log Analysis 
"Funnel Web Analyzer - Measure the effectiveness of your Web site through log file analysis."--Quest Software.  This log analyzer is free to use after registration at the Quest website.  It is customizable and produces numerous reports in HTML format.  It can parse several separate logs into one report.   Web Funnel Analyzer.     
With RegCleaner you can easily get rid of those old and obsolete registry entries created by software that you have removed.  RegCleaner      
Email Certificates For Digital Signing and Encryption
Comodo offers free certificates to enable the digital signing and encryption features built into Outlook and Outlook Express.  Comodo's Root Certificate is included in Microsoft's default Trusted Certificates Store on most computers.  Comodo's Email Certificates.               
Network Decisions Certificates For All Purposes
Network Decisions offers free certificates for all purposes to include digital email signing, encryption, and securing all methods of communication through SSL.  Please go here for more information.              
Sam Spade
Sam Spade can be used as an online tool from the following link, or downloaded as a utility.  It is an multi-tool for online research and abuse tracking.   Sam Spade.       
Win2K MSConfig Replacement  
Your copy of Windows 2000 may or may not have MSConfig on it.  If not, you can download the Start-Up Control Panel to perform many of the same tasks performed by MSConfig.  Start-Up Control Panel.          
FREEping Network Monitor 
"Do you want to know if all your Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT servers are alive and pinging? Do you want to receive a pop-up message when one of them is not running anymore? Start using FREEping. It's all in the name: FREEping is a free ping utility which will ping all your 2003/XP/2000/NT servers (or any other IP address) in free-definable intervals. FREEping will send you a popup when one of the 2003/XP/2000/NT servers stops responding. Take a look at the FREEping overview window to view all important statistics." --Advanced Toolware.  FREEping.          
Sender ID DNS Record Generator 
Generate Sender ID SPX DNS records and learn how to implement them.  Sender ID.