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Network Decisions provides and supports custom and stock dedicated servers at a cost far below competitive offerings. Your monthly fee gives you remote access and full administrative privledges to your own machine. Prices vary depending on hardware and bandwidth needs. A standard offering is a Windows 2003 Standard OS on a machine with and AMD 3200 64 bit processor, 2 gigs of Ram and a mirrored 160 gb hard drive for $200.00 a month, with no monthly bandwidth cap, and max a upload speed of 1 mbs.   Contact Network Decisions by phone or email (sales@networkdecisions.com) for an estimate.


1.  OS re-installs and server reboots.
2.  Hardware changes.
3.  Backups if requested.
4.  Symantec Anti-virus.
5.  OS Patching if requested.
6.  Microsoft software patching if requested (Exchange, SQL, ect)
7.  Limited technical assistance.
8.  24 Hour response time.


Take advantage of a Network Decisions staff member to perform consulting, configurations, package installs, and advanced Technical support at a $85 per hour rate anytime.


Network Decisions maintains advanced technically skilled professionals on site to perform the configurations and give the advice you need to maintain your daily operations.  The savings to you is less staff and less headaches on your end.  With the pay as you go advanced technical assistance model, you can cut your IT staffing costs to the bone while maintaining access to highly skilled IT workers when you need them most.


Network Decisions will provide 99% yearly uptime.  Credits for violating this agreement will be granted on a per day basis equal to the customer's monthly cost divided by 30.

No refund will be granted greater than the price of one months service.

No monthly Contract means either Network Decisions or the client may end the business arrangement at any time for any reason, with payment to cover the last month services are used.

Mailings defined legally as SPAM are prohibited.  Email violations to abuse@networkdecisions.com.

Payments will be made by the first of each month for services to be rendered during that month.

Neither Network Decisions, it's staff, vendors, nor contractors are legally or otherwise liable for any lost data, uptime, money or other deficit caused by services provided.

Network Decisions and its agents are not responsible for the content on any leased server.

Obscene, illegal, copyright infringing, and otherwise objectionable material is prohibited.

Network Decisions retains ownship of all hardware, software and licenses provided to the customer that are not specifically purchased in full by the customer.