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Need a serious access level router at your business or home location? Let Network Decisions build some of the most versatile routers available for you: The Microsoft Windows 2003 RRAS NAT routing solution, or the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server** routing solution.  Network Decisions can build a router box with any speed of processor and amount of RAM you need to get your job done. Routers can come with a Microsoft Windows 2003 Server solution, or you can buy the box and put BSD, Linux or another routing solution on it yourself.  If you are looking to run Microsoft ISA server**, this is the router box for you.  Find out more about Windows routing here and on the Windows Server FAQ page.  Windows Server FAQ.
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Why use a Microsoft Windows 2003 RRAS solution?

1. SCALABILITY AWindows 2003 server based router is as upgradable and expandable as any standard PC. Additional memory, more powerful processors, additional interfaces and connection devices can be added at any time. Anything available to a normal PC is available to a Windows router using standard PC pricing and upgrade techniques.

2. GRAPHICAL INTERFACE The Windows 2003 router is built using standard Windows technologies and interfaces. Setup and customization is all point and click.

 3. HIGH FUNCTIONALITY The Windows 2003 router can handle as complicated a routing solution as you have to offer.  It can route for as many subnets as you can add interfaces for (the router supports USB and serial devices as well as PCI). It can assign DHCP leases for every subnet, and pull duty as a DNS server.  Built in NAT can be implemented, or the router can be used as an addition to a major routing infrastructure supporting such routing protocols as OSPF and RIP.  It can even be configured to accept incoming dial up, or VPN connections.  
4. SECURE The Windows 2003 router has built in NAT protecting your internal network systems, and a built in Microsoft firewall that can be activated.  Packet filters and the ability to block ports enhance security. Third party packet sniffing and port monitoring utilities available from the Network Decisions free tools site at no extra charge. The Windows router can be upgraded to an ISA** routing and server solution.
5. SERVER PUBLISHING The Windows 2003 RRAS NAT based routing solution can pull duty as a server, or allow access to any server application on your internal network. With port forwarding, your email, web, and game servers can be made as available as you need them to be.
6. PRICE Compare the Windows 2003 based routing solution to other professional offerings and see the value. The Windows 2003 not only routes, it is a fully functional version of Windows2003 Server with 5 cals. Memory and interface upgrades cost no more than they would with and average PC. Moving to a Microsoft routing solution removes the need to hire a separate name-branded router specialist.
 The Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server** installs on a standard Microsoft 2000 or 2003 server to provide  a routing and security solution that is hard to match.  It serves all the same routing and basic roles as the standard server solution, but adds the following services as well:  Installs in cache, firewall, or integrated mode.  Caching of non-dynamic content requests leaving and entering your network frees up your bandwidth.  Secure web publishing (outside requests never touch your internal server).  Secure mail server publishing.  Numerous Intrusion alerts for attacks and scans with customizable alerts and notifications.  Complete control of content types and internet access by IP address, Windows users and groups, and custom client sets.  Easy to configure packet filters.   User bandwidth control.  Complete Microsoft Windows graphical and wizard based configuration.  Third party filters and applications available. 
**  Network Decisions will install and configure ISA Server for you in Columbus Ohio.  Have questions about using Windows routers?  Check out the Windows router FAQ page for more answers.  Windows Router FAQ.