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Network Decisions offers a number of specific security services for clients using Microsoft based networks and systems.  The Network Decisions goal is to go beyond simple intrusion testing, and to assist clients in implementing the proper level of professional security before attacks can begin.  An audit/service call can include as  many of the following services as requested; EEA Compliance, Risk Cycle Management, Intrusion Testing, IDS Installation, ISA Installation, Firewall Configuration, NAT and Server Publishing Configuration, Secure Wireless Networking, VPN Configuration, Patch Management, Back-Up and Recovery, Employee Awareness, PKI Solutions, Mail Filtering, and more.

Microsoft VS Linux Security, Get The Facts.

The following links to lists of Linux and Microsoft security advisories provide clear views of how secure Microsoft products are as compared with Linux.  It is important to build a professional network security solution on a foundation of facts, not hype or rumors.

The Winguide Security Guide for Windows. 

The LWN Security Alerts Database for Linux.

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